Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) is now commonplace in the UK often seen on houses. Large utility scale PV is ground mounted and is typically between 10MWp and 50MWp.

The unit MWp (MW peak) can be seen as a unit of the solar panels that can be converted into power using a simple formula depending on how much sunlight (insolation) there is. This means that typically installations further south generate more power. As a rule of thumb multiplying the size (in kWp) by 1,000 gives an estimation of the Kwh (units) of power over the year. So a 10MW will generate 10,000,000 kWh (10MWp = 10,000 kWp). This is enough to supply approximately 3,000 homes.

Large scale solar can also be supported by battery storage where the batteries can be charged by the solar and also can be charged from the grid. This combined technology solution offers many advantages in supporting renewable generation.

The land required ranges from approximately 40 acres for a 10MWp installation to 200 acres for a 50MWp installation where the land size used does depend on the land profile. The site is surrounded by a security fence.


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