Battery Storage

EcoDev Group develop large scale battery storage solutions connected to the electricity network. These support the grid infrastructure to maintain supply but also helping to stabilise the grid (voltage and frequency).

Battery systems typically deploy lithium ion cells (LFP - LiFePO. 4)as often used in Electric Vehicles. These have a long life and are close to maintenance free.

The battery systems are large and housed in containerised modular form – a typical storage module would be a 40’ container with in excess of 3MWh of storage. So this means the unit can deliver 1MW of power for 3 hours (3MWh total).

A typical installation would be configured as 20MW with 2 hours of storage (so a total of 40MWh). This would occupy approximately ¼ acre. The containers are positioned on a hard standing (typically a concrete slab) and are surrounded by a security fence.

While not completely noise free (cooling fans are needed) the noise level is minimal and sites are chosen to avoid any disturbance. Emissions are effectively zero.

The typical like of the battery systems is 25 years or so though in this period battery cells will be routinely replaced.


Battery Storage


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