CHP - An introduction

Cogeneration is a more efficient form of power generation as the losses from transmission are lower providing greater fuel efficiency from generating the power on-site.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) converts a single fuel into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use. CHP is highly energy efficient and as well as supplying heat and power, it can deliver a number of positive financial, operational and environmental benefits.

CHP is a well-proven technology, recognised worldwide as a viable alternative to traditional centralised generation. With CHP, an engine which is normally fuelled by natural gas, is linked to an alternator to produce electricity. CHP maximises the fuel and converts it into electricity at around 35% efficiency and heat at around 50%. Heat is recovered from the engine by removal from the exhaust, water jacket and oil cooling circuits.

Typically a good CHP scheme can deliver an efficiency increase of anything up to 25% compared to the separate energy systems it replaces.

CHP Financing via ESCO and PPAs

EcoDev Group can assist in a fully financed ESCo (Energy Services Company) solution.

EcoDev provides a solution which allows our customers to have the benefit from a CHP installation but without having to purchase the equipment or pay for the installation, by signing a long term power purchase agreement with us for  electricity, heat or steam.

We develop, install and commission the plant and retain 100% ownership of this for the duration of the PPA and fully finance and operate the plant.

Through our PPA we estimate that our clients can save at between 10% and 20% of their power costs on an annual basis.


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